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Aim High International has been providing fundamentally sound camp programs to players just like you for over 40 years!

Some of the camp programs we offer are:

  • The traditional Aim High Camp- a 4-5 day 1st-12th grade day camp

  • 2-day skill camps

  • Holiday Camps

  • Team Camps

  • International Camps

  • and so much more!

Each of our Aim High camps offer focused training which is designed to improve your game! We target and improve player weaknesses, develop your strengths, and provide intense conditioning so that you may perform at your peak.

These are fundamentals based camps that focus on shooting off the catch, shooting off the dribble, free throw routine and form, footwork
pre and active shot, basic ball-handling to attack moves, passing with both hands, defensive individual and team concepts, rebounding,
mental approach, 2 and 3 man offense, spacing, team offense, leadership, transition basics, and much, much more.

With limited enrollment, your training experience is enhanced by providing you with the individual attention to push you to reach new heights. 

The traditional Aim High Camp isn't all work.  There is plenty of time to enjoy competition through its numerous contests, pizza shootouts, all
you can eat ice cream blast, all-star games, 3 on 3 tourneys, hot shot contests, lightning and more. Each player will receive a T-shirt, the
best instruction in northwestern Ohio, and a player
evaluation at the end of camp.

Our staff's experience, from high school through professional, allows us a perspective that is second to none when it comes to helping you improve. Our goal is to help you to become the best player you can be!





Typical Traditional Camp Schedule

8:00              Camp starts/Announcements

8:10              Morning Focus/Lecture

8:30              Group 1

9:00              Group 2

9:30              Group 3

10:00            Morning Break

10:30            Morning Games

11:30            Lunch (purchase pizza & drinks

or pack)

12:00            Afternoon Focus/Lecture

12:10            Champion Drills

1:20              Afternoon Games

2:40              Hoop Contests

3:40              Open Shoot

4:30              Camp Ends              

Summer Camps Coming Soon


Basketball players entering grades 1-12




Day & Time

Friday             8:00am-4:00pm

Saturday         8:00am-4:00pm


Gymnasium opens at 7:30am for open shoot.  Please pick up players by 4:30pm.

What to Bring

  • Basketball Shoes

  • Basketball clothing

  • Extra socks & t-shirt (we will sweat!)

  • Tremendous desire for improvement.

  • You, on time!

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